Sharepoint 2010


SharePoint 2010 Migration–IN place Upgrade Part II

During an in place upgrade process, the entire SharePoint 2007 box is upgraded to SharePoint 2010. The up gradation process upgrades the entire SharePoint 2007 installation.


In Place upgrade for SharePoint standalone Installation

For upgrading a SharePoint standalone installation, the process is as follows:

  1. The installation of SharePoint 2010 is executed on the Standalone machine. This process kicks off the installation process in the in-place upgrade mode directly.
  2. Install the Language Packs that are used by the Site Collections.
  3. Once the installation process is complete, the “SharePoint Configuration Wizard” is run. This upgrades the server, central administration configuration database, services and Content Databases.
  4. Once the configuration wizard is executed, a timer service is created which upgrades all the site collection in the server.

Points to Consider

  1. Once the upgrade process starts, there is no rollback.
  2. The process takes the Web Server offline for the upgrade process and brings it online only when the process is complete.

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