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SharePoint 2010 Recycle Bin

The recycle bin in SharePoint is synonymous to Recycle bin in windows and helps the users in recovering files which have been deleted accidentally.

The files in the recycle bin can either be recovered or can be deleted after a pre defined period of time.


Recycle Bin Stages

SharePoint supports two levels of Recycle bin. The initial or First level Recycle bin comes in picture when the user deletes an item from a list. Once the item is deleted again from the First level of Recycle bin it moves to the second stage of Recycle bin.





Access Restrictions on Recycle Bin

The restoration access on the First Stage Recycle Bin is available to all the site users. However, restoration access on the second stage Recycle Bin is available only to the Site Collection Administrators.


Number of Recycle Bin

There is one First Stage recycle bin available per site in a site collection. However, there is only one Second Stage Recycle Bin available per Site Collection.


Item not available in Recycle Bin

If you try to find an item in the recycle bin and fail to locate it then you need to verify the following :

  1. The contents in the recycle bin are driven by the access control. The user who has deleted the content will be able to see the content in the recycle bin. Other users will not be able to see the items in the recycle bin.
  2. If you have deleted a top level item like a folder or a list, and try to find a document available at an inner location, then the item will not be viewable. By default the Recycle bin shows the top level content and does not have the capability to show the items in a tree structure or drill down mode.
  3. The contents in the recycle bin contains only the items within the site. A deleted site is outside the scope of the Recycle bin and is not available for deletion.
  4. The recycle bin contains the items for a pre defined period which can be set from the Web Application –> General Settings. if the thresh hold is crossed, the item is deleted permanently.


Configure Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin can be configured from the central administration.

  1. Click on Manage Web Applications
  2. Select the Web Application for which the recycle bin configuration needs to be configured.
  3. Click on General Settings in the Ribbon –> General Settings from the drop down as well.



Remove “Recycle Bin” Link from SharePoint Site

  1. Open the SharePoint Designer
  2. Check out the master page
  3. Open the master page in SharePoint Designer 
  4. Find the </Head> tag
  5. Add the following text above the <HEAD> tag.
   1: <style> 

   2: .s4-specialNavLinkList

   3: {

   4:     display:none!important;

   5: }


6. Check in the master page